IACLD Structure

IACLD Structure

Top Management of Accreditation Body (IACLD)

Accreditation Manager: Dr. Hassan Bayat (Mrs. Shadi Edris)

Executive Manager: Mrs. Shadi Edris (Dr. Hassan Bayat)

Management Representative: Dr. Ali Shirin (Mrs. Shadi Edris)

The head of the Decision-making Committee: Dr. Alireza Lotfi Kian (Dr. Naser Almasi)

The head of the Complaint/Appeal Committee: Dr. Naser Almasi

The head of Training Dep.: Dr. Alireza Lotfi Kian (Dr. Soghra Rouhi Dehnabeh)

The head of Community, IT: Dr. Fariba Shayegan (Dr. Alireza Lotfi Kian)

The head of the Finance and Contracts Dep.: Dr. Shahrooz Hemmati (Dr. Ali Shirin)

Chairman of Accreditation Council: Dr. Shahrooz Hemmati (Dr. Ali Shirin)


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