Assessor Information and Guidance

Assessor Information and Guidance

Guide and information for Personnel involved in accreditation:

IACLD acts as follows regarding the pool of assessors and technical experts:

In order to review the applications and select and cooperate in the accreditation process, it is necessary to act as follows.

Selection, if the eligibility conditions are met:

1- Receiving the IACLD-F1 form along with the documents requested from the candidates

2- Checking compliance with the criteria of IACLD-P5 and IACLD-F11 form and selection if it meets the criteria set by IACLD

3- Starting to cooperate with IACLD in the assessment process and other accreditation activities including team leader, assessor, assessor under training, technical expert


Performance monitoring at each assessment and long-term monitoring

4- IACLD collects opinions about the performance of the IACLD and team members for each assessment of the laboratory by the IACLD-P15 form.

5- The collected feedback in the IACLD-F16 form is analyzed and summarized.

6- The results are recorded in IACLD-F13 in order to monitor the performance of the IACLD and the assessment team and are used in long-term monitoring.

7- The results of 70% or more are acceptable and less than 70% are root causes to correct and define corrective action if necessary.